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Your full-service bottling plant

From bespoke bottle production to bottling and delivery

Imagine being able to entrust your entire product’s journey to one company that can design, manufacture, source, produce, fill, and deliver. The teams at Rockwood Bottling and Rockwood’s glass & ceramic bottle production factories, work together to create unique one-stop shop solutions for your projects.

China’s largest foreign-owned glass & ceramic bottle manufacturer and bottler

Craft your private label with us!

At Rockwood, we collaborate with renowned distilleries across the USA, Cuba, Mexico, and Europe, such as Real Craft Distillery in the Netherlands to curate exceptional spirits and liquors tailored to our valued clients. Once the product is perfected, we transport it to our state-of-the-art Rockwood Bottling facilities located in a Duty-Free Zone just outside Shanghai. Here, the meticulous processes of bottling, labeling, and packaging unfold. This strategic approach not only lowers your costs but also liberates you from any legal obligation to feature China on your bottle labels— Only the country of origin of the liquid is required!   START YOUR PROJECT!

Tell us what your needs are and we’ll meet them.

8 tailored services are available to you:

8. Logistics & paperwork
Hassle-free. Container shipping to your address via Rockwood’s shipping partners

And if you only require bottling, we’ll be happy to take on the filling process for you!

Rockwood Bottling Services

Rockwood Bottling is part of the Rockwood & Hines family of businesses

Rockwood & Hines Glass Group Co. has grown to become one of China’s largest bespoke glass and ceramic bottle factories. It produces over 6 million exclusive bottles for some of the most prominent premium brands in the global spirits and beverages arena, and a further 500+ million classic bottles, annually.

Rockwood Bottling Solutions is not just a bottling company

Do you need a premium quality bottle for your spirit or liquor?

Have a look at the bespoke bottles that Rockwood Glass has produced for clients in the past:

Rockwood's state-of-the-art bottling factory