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Bespoke bottle manufacturer, spirit producer, private label developer, and bottler.

Whether you just need our bottling services or A to Z project fulfilment, Rockwood has the solution.

A one-stop shop with 8 tailored services for clients who want the full-package:

Let's create a bespoke glass or ceramic bottle for you.  

Whether you would like a discrete, minimalist, and more traditional design, or a striking and eccentric bottle, the possibilities are endless. Choose from glass bottles in flint, super flint, black glass, or cobalt blue glass in a variety of shapes and sizes. And customize your bottle with serigraphy, silk-screening, embossing and de-bossing, engraving, Zamak features, spray painting, sand blasting, or accessories.

Or let's come up with a unique limited edition ceramic bottle. Because when it comes to bespoke shapes, sizes, embossed designs, engravings, and textures, ceramic material has unrivaled design possibilities compared to its glass counterpart.

Our in-house design experts and client relations team take note of everything. From your branding requirements, to bottle capacity, originality, quantities, and next steps. Once your bottles are produced, we'll move them on to Rockwood's filling lines. 

At Rockwood, we take pride in crafting unique labels, tailored exclusively to your one-of-a-kind bottle. Our dedicated creative team curates each label to align with your preferences and complement the distinctiveness of your bespoke bottle. We select premium materials to ensure the perfect fit, while also integrating your brand's style guide specifications. This results in the professional and captivating presentation of your final, shelf-ready product.

We also provide optional high-security authentication labels for liquor and spirit bottles. These labels feature a hologram for instant visual authentication and can also be used with a smartphone app for secondary validation and enhanced user engagement. Developed in partnership with DeLaRu, a renowned global expert in product, currency, and service security.

And remember that because Rockwood Bottling Solutions is located in a Duty-Free zone (Economic Processing Zone) outside of Shanghai, you are not obliged to make any reference to China on the bottle labels. You are free to mention only the country of origin of the actual liquid. 


Closure heads come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made of ceramic, wood, metal, or plastic. We can use a large number of closure types including T-caps, aluminium Ropp caps (short or long), and Guala closures.

Would you like them to be minimalist statements, or decorated with embossed, debossed, or printed designs? 

For the actual shank (cork) material, you have the option of natural cork, synthetic, or micro-agglomerate. We will help you decide on what best suits the spirit or liquor being bottled in the final product, taking your budget into consideration as well. 

Having a bespoke closure shouldn't mean risk-taking in terms of quality. The drilling technique used for the inner mouth of the bottle allows for a perfectly fitted and sealed (no-drip) cork. The same tolerances apply for both glass and ceramic corks, namely +/-0.5mm.

Our historical passion for spirits led us to develop our own premium brandy and vodka brands using spirits crafted in our partner distilleries around the world (France, USA, Colombia, Cuba, and Real Craft Distillery in the Netherlands). We come up with our own artisanal and blended spirits that are later paired with bespoke bottles designed by our highly skilled in-house teams at Rockwood Glass and Rockwood Ceramics.

Clients coming to Rockwood Bottling Solutions have 3 options for their spirits and liquors. You can select from our extensive stock of premium product, send us your liquid bulk directly, or ask us to produce alcohol using your recipes.

1. Choose from Rockwood’s premium inventory.

At Rockwood, we take immense pride in offering only the finest spirits to our esteemed clientele. Nearly every spirit in our collection has achieved either a gold or platinum medal, attesting to its exceptional taste and refined quality. For example, our Cognac closely resembles the revered Hennessy Cognac, our French Brandy captures the essence of a true Cognac profile, and Rockwood’s vodka could be mistaken for Belvedere.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of what is currently available. Keep in mind that we can work together to add flavors or revisit recipes to suit your palate and requirements:

  • FRENCH VODKA (Cedalco 100% Wheat): experience the exceptional quality of our French vodka, crafted from 100% wheat, reminiscent of the renowned Belvedere style.
  • FRENCH PROVENCAL GIN: delight in the exquisite taste of Rockwood’s French Provencal gin, carefully curated to capture the essence of this distinctive region.
  • FRENCH BRANDY: our French brandy offers a true Cognac profile, bringing you a flavor akin to the esteemed Hennessy Cognac.
  • FRENCH WHISKY: immerse yourself in the rich flavors of our French whisky, exemplifying the finest craftsmanship and a harmonious blend of premium ingredients.
  • COGNAC: we present a curated selection of Cognac in various expressions; VS, VSOP, and XO, catering to different preferences and discerning tastes.
  • SCOTCH WHISKY: savor the authenticity and quality of our Scotch whisky that bears the approval of the prestigious Scottish Federation.
  • MIXTO TEQUILA: enjoy the unique character of our Mixto tequila which boasts a distinctive blend of flavors and unparalleled smoothness.
  • AMERICAN BOURBON: Indulge in the characteristically rich and bold flavors of our American bourbon, a true testament to the renowned craftsmanship of this iconic spirit.
And remember… Being located in an Export Processing Zone (Duty-Free zone) enables us to import spirits in bulk from our partner distilleries, as well as to fill made-to-measure bottles, without incurring local duties on the import/export of alcohol. We are also exempt from mentioning China on the final product labels. So when you bottle spirits with Rockwood, alcohol imported from France, for example, is labeled “Product of France”, not Product of China or Bottled in China.  

2. Send us your bulk liquid for bottling:

We have many customers who distill their own product and send it to us for bottling. If this is the option that suits you, then the easiest way to ship the alcohol to us is via 1,000-liter IBC tanks. Once the filling process has been completed, we can return these tanks to you to help you minimize unnecessary costs. Alternatively, the alcohol can be supplied via ISO-Tankers which come in capacities ranging from 5,000 to 27,000 liters (standard 20FT ISO tank), or in swap tanks with a maximum liter capacity of 35,000. These options allow us to pump the liquid directly into the storage tanks situated at the Rockwood Bottling Solutions factory.

All incoming bulk needs to comply with regulations and will be subject to health and safety checks, visual / color checks, and tasting, before bottling. The client is responsible for the safe packaging of all alcohol being shipped to Rockwood and for any required documentation.  

3. Provide Rockwood with your recipes:

Provide us with your recipes and let us take care of the rest! From sourcing the finest ingredients to blending and distilling, bespoke bottle manufacturing, label production, cork design, bottling, and shipping. Rockwood’s one-stop shop will provide you with a premium, branded, shelf-ready product.

Rockwood Bottling Solutions is located in a brand new, state-of-the-art bottling plant, within a Duty-Free Zone (Economic Processing Zone) outside of Shanghai, China. What does this mean for our clients? That you are not obliged to make any reference to China on your spirit and liquor bottle labels. You just need to mention the country of origin of the actual alcohol. So, for example, Vodka shipped from France in bulk and reduced to 40% ABV will retain "Product of France" on the label and will be accompanied by the name of the company importing the product to the final destination. 

The bottling facility's layout has been meticulously designed to meet the highest quality demands, with each stage of the filling process housed in separate areas to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination. This stringent approach guarantees exceptional product quality and minimizes the likelihood of any issues.

There are 2 semi-automatic lines for uniquely shaped bottles and 2 fully automated lines with a bottling speed of 2,500 bottles per hour.

Key features of the Rockwood Bottling Solutions filling plant:

  1. We accept alcohol at high proof, up to 75% ABV, and can adjust the ABV using our well-situated reverse osmosis water source, which has a pH of 7.1, reaching a depth of 170m2.
  2. Our setup includes 11 mixing tanks of various sizes and 2 chilling tanks, each with a capacity of 10,000 liters, capable of freezing liquids from -5 to -19 degrees Celsius.
  3. To maintain stringent quality control, our inner lab conducts full GC Analysis and monitors ABV every 3 hours during the bottling process. We also conduct systematic tastings and color adjustments before bottling.
  4. All liquids undergo thorough filtration, including plate filtration and microfiltration, ensuring exceptional purity.
  5. Vodkas receive an additional charcoal filtration step, utilizing coconut activated charcoals. We also offer the option for custom charcoal qualities upon request.
  6. We have the ability to use a large number of closure types and shapes, including T-caps, aluminium Ropp caps (short or long), and Guala closures.
  7. Depending on customer specifications, we can fill bottles using either volume filling or level filling methods.
  8. Our labeling processes are carried out using both semi-automatic and fully automated systems.
  9. All bottles are securely packed in cartons with separators and stored in temperature-controlled warehouses.
  10. We can store up to 400,000 of your bottles, free of charge, for up to 2 months, within Rockwood’s Free Trade Zone (FTZ) warehouses. Long-term storage options are available at extra cost within special trade Bonded Zone.
  11. All goods are palletized, shrink-wrapped, and protected by corner reinforcements, for risk-free shipping. 

Our comprehensive range of packaging solutions caters to every client's preference, whether it's a minimalist craft case or a full-color, laminated extra thick case. Each carton is designed to hold either 6 or 12 bottles, and is equipped with dividers to prevent any bottle friction.

If you're seeking an exquisite gift box, we also specialize in creating premium packaging that elegantly showcases your bespoke bottle. Our designs not only captivate, but also entice consumers to engage with the product, allowing them to experience its distinctive artistic elements firsthand.

All goods are palletized, shrink-wrapped, and protected by corner reinforcements, for risk-free shipping. 

We can store up to 400,000 of your bottles, free of charge, for up to 2 months, within Rockwood’s Free Trade Zone (FTZ) warehouses. Long-term storage options are available at extra cost within special trade Bonded Zone.

At Rockwood, we take charge of all essential paperwork, certificates, coordination, and logistics on your behalf. Our proficient logistics department and reliable shipping partners work diligently to alleviate the burdens associated with global transportation. By entrusting us with these tasks, you can experience cost savings and valuable time gains, enabling you to redirect your focus on other crucial aspects of your business. Leave the nitty-gritty details of the shipping process to us!

Discover the state-of-the-art Rockwood Bottling Solutions factory

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